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Safa Gold Mall Gym

safa fitness club(gym) in islamabad at Safa Gold Mall

It is one of Safa Gold Mall’s most prestigious projects. Nowadays, there is widespread awareness of health and fitness. A new way of life that emphasizes regular physical activity as a way to enhance the quality of life has emerged as a result of innovation and technology. The Safa Fitness Club offers the chance to raise this awareness among the general public. At SAFA FITNESS CLUB, we work to create a safe, fun, and welcoming environment that allows each person to realize their potential through goal-driven programmers managed by qualified specialists.

safa gold mall gym islamabad

Facilitates at Safa Gold Mall Gym

Simple Safa Fitness Club is the only gym of its type in Islamabad, offering variety in their training as well as the top fitness centers and gyms around. For more than 8 years, Club Fitness has been committed to the satisfaction of everybody we serve. We consistently adjust to the changing fitness and health preferences of our members since we are modern and forward-thinking. Here mentioned some facilities safa fitness club offers to their clients.

Cardio Exercises

A state-of-the-art cardio section with techno gym equipment is available at Safa Fitness Club. The hi-tech Treadmills, Elliptical (Cross Trainer), Exercise Bikes (Reclined and Upright), Cardio Wave, Rowing Machine, and Stepper are secure and consumer-pleasant pieces of a system for cardiovascular training.

Free Weight

With our huge choice of free weights and today’s desk-bound machines manner. You’ll be completely prepared to exercise sessions and fortify and situation your chest, arms, back, abs, and legs in good-sized free-weight areas. Most skilled bodybuilders and weightlifters all through the arena prefer free weights over weight machines. We also have plenty of electricity machines which include

  • chest press
  • shoulder press
  • row
  • calf machine
  • Adjustable decline/Abs crunch
  • Cable Cross over
  • Chin up
  • Abdominal Crunch
  • Boxing
  • Kick Boxing bag

The systems were designed to cater to all tiers of consumers from beginner to elite athletes. They may be used to grow power, speed, flexibility, and the bloodstream in the body.

Group Exercises

Group exercises are so much fun where you worked out with your colleagues. it’s a great way to stay motivated. We have different group exercises including T-rex, Zumba, martial arts, yoga, and spinning cycles in a spinning room.

Personal Training

Our highly-skilled and licensed staff is here to assist Safa Fitness Club participants to attain their private fitness and health potential. Based on the information you provide during the initial session, we want to match you with the trainer who is the fittest for your schedule, objectives, and personal preferences. Your fitness objectives may be met in a concise way with the assistance of a personal trainer. One of the biggest benefits of hiring a personal trainer is that some individuals have lost the will to maintain a regular fitness routine on their own. Our licensed personal trainers can help you create a healthy lifestyle by offering structure, accountability, and support. Our trainers collaborate with you to create a fitness schedule that fits your needs and interests.

Swimming Pool & Jacuzzi

Safa Fitness Club includes a hygienically clean, chlorinated, temperature-controlled swimming pool that can be utilized all year long without the inconvenience of outdoor temperature. Along with the pool, we have an in-residence Jacuzzi that will help you relax after an excellent workout.

Steam and Sauna

Continue analyzing a good way to determine which of the two relaxing environments best suits you. Relax and unwind in our sauna and steam rooms, which are ideal for increasing your flow and detoxifying your skin. You’ll leave with a clearer mind, a healthier body, and a better understanding of the world. We all deserve to relax and indulge, and what better way to do so than to visit a health spa with a sauna and steam room? Saunas and steam rooms each have their own set of health benefits in addition to quickening the pulse and increasing circulation.


At Safa Fitness Club, we have a special room only for massages to help you relax both physically and mentally. The massage practitioner leans at the recipient’s body the use of hands and generally straight forearms locked on the elbow to use firm rhythmic pressure.

Visit Safa Fitness Club and enjoy various facilities like sauna, swimming, Zumba, weight loss, muscle building, self-defense, and taekwondo on the 5th floor, of Safa Gold Mall.

Location:    Safa Gold mall, College Road, F-7 Markaz, Jinnah Super, Islamabad, 46000, Islamabad, 4400
Contact:    0311-5156949

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