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Best Aerobic Exercises | Safa Fitness Club, Islamabad

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Fitness is key for males and females to make your life easy happy and relax. Aerobic exercise, with a target of 150 minutes of moderate-intensity physical activity each week, has been demonstrated to significantly reduce the risk of heart disease. Furthermore, with so many wonderful aerobic exercise options, most males and females can find some form of pleasant cardio activity. lots of gym trainings safa offers in Islamabad. The best aerobic exercises in Islamabad by safa fitness club (gym) includes different kind of exercise. Let’s have a look in to it.

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What is Aerobics ?

Aerobic exercise is a type of exercise that develops the cardiovascular system and raises your heart rate while being done “with oxygen.” In other words, while working out, your heart rate and breathing rate increase, but you are not completely out of breath. The aerobic workout zone is typically 70-80% of your maximum heart rate.

For example, if your maximal heart rate is 180 beats  per minute, aerobic exercise takes place at a heart rate range of 126-144 beats per minute. Though not completely exact, the method ‘220 minus age in years‘ can be used to estimate your maximal heart rate.

Aerobic Exercises at Safa Fitness Club (Gym)

Safa Fitness Club (Gym) is an excellent location for aerobic workout. They have treadmills, stationary cycles, and elliptical machines among other things. They also have a pool where you can swim laps.

If you are unsure how to utilize a piece of exercise equipment, always seek the advice of a professional or trainer.

1. Swimming

Swimming is an aerobic workout that can be done at Safa Fitness Club (Gym). Because it is a low-impact workout, it is a suitable choice if you are prone to injury. You’re also raising your heart rate, training your muscles, and increasing your strength and endurance without putting any more effort on your body.

Equipment: swimsuit, swimming googles etc.
Duration and Frequency: 10 to 30 minutes, 2 to 5 times a week. To extend your duration, add 5 minutes to your swim time each week.

2. Stationary Bike

Another low-impact fitness alternative at safa fitness club is to ride a stationary bike. Stationary bikes provide a strong cardiovascular workout, aid in the development of leg strength, and are simple to use. Cycling classes on stationary cycles are available at many gyms and training studios. You can, however, profit from a stationary bike workout without enrolling in a class.

After stretching and warming up for 5 to 10 minutes by cycling at an easy rhythmic, raise your tempo to 75 to 80 rotations per minute (RPM) and aim for 20 to 30 minutes of consistent cycling. Allow for a 5-minutes  cooling period. Finish with a stretch.

Equipment: Stationary Bike.
Duration and Frequency: 35 to 45 minutes, 3 times per week

3. Elliptical

The Elliptical Machine at Safa Fitness Club may appear scary at first, but once you get the feel of it, it’s simple to use. After warming up for 5 to 10  minutes, keep your posture upright while moving the machine with your legs in a pedal motion.

Look ahead the entire time rather than down at your feet. Maintain a straight spine and engaged abdominal muscles. Exit the machine to stretch and cool off.

Increase the resistance on the machine to make the workout more difficult.

Equipment: Elliptical Machine.
Duration and Frequency: 20–30 minutes, 2–3 times per week

Aerobics Class Workout

If you dislike working out alone, a class can offer a helpful and encouraging setting to follow the best aerobic exercises in Islamabad. Ask the safa fitness club instructor to demonstrate proper form. If you’re a beginner, they can help you alter the exercises if necessary.

To begin, attend group courses at your local fitness club 2 to 3  times each week. If you enjoy the workout, you can always go more frequently later on.

4. Cardio Kickboxing

Safa Fitness Center (Gym) Cardio Kickboxing  is a martial art, boxing, and aerobics hybrid. Your lesson may begin with a warmup that includes running, jumping jacks, or strengthening exercises like pushups. The main workout will then consist of a sequence of punches, kicks, and hand strikes.

At the end, there may be core or strengthening exercises. Always end your workout with a stretch and cool down.

Equipment: GYM Shoes (Sneakers)
Duration and Frequency: 60 minutes, 1 to 3 times per week

5. Zumba

If you enjoy dancing, zumba is a great cardio workout. After warming up, your instructor will lead the class in simple dancing moves paired to exciting music. After that, you’ll stretch and cool down.

It is necessary to wear shoes. Drink plenty of water during class. If you grow fatigued, you may always take a break and rejoin.

Equipment: GYM Shoes (Sneakers)
Duration and Frequency: 60 minutes, 1 to 3 times per week

6. Indoor Cycling Class

A cycle class, as opposed to a leisurely bike ride, will raise your heart rate. For optimal training effects, it may contain resistance and climb. This will assist you in increasing your strength and toning your muscles. Some classes require you to wear cycling shoes that “clip ” into the bike. These are normally available for hire at your facility.
The majority of lessons are 45 to 60 minutes  and include a warm-up, cool-down, and stretch.

Equipment: stationary bike, cycling shoes (optional), padded bicycle shorts or pants
Duration and Frequency: 45 to 60 minutes, 1 to 3 times per week

Benefits of Aerobics

Aerobic exercise causes your blood to pump and your big muscle groups to contract.

Some benefits may include:

  • Better cardiovascular health
  • Reduces blood pressure
  • Aids in blood sugar regulation
  • Aids in sleep
  • Aids in weight management
  • Improves mood

Do you really need Aerobic trainings in Islamabad ?

Safa Fitness Club (Gym) best environment, facilities and having certified expert trainers  that make it very easy for you to choose them on your choice.

Location:   5th floor Safa Gold mall, College Road, F-7 Markaz, Jinnah Super, Islamabad, 46000, Islamabad, 44000
Contact:  0311-5156949
Website:  Safa Fitness Club 
Facebook:  safafitnessclub

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