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7 Best Pool Exercises For a Fat Burning Water Workout

A Boy exercising in the swimming pool at safa fitness club

If you are tired of gym fitness routine exercises, then why not you are going for an aquatic exercise? Aquatic exercise refers to workouts done in water at varying depths. It is a physical activity with numerous advantages. Water is the finest training tool for pool exercises to create lean muscle, burn fat, and accomplish your fitness objectives.

Water creates natural resistance that will make your muscles work, but also simultaneously reduces stress on joints

What could be more relaxing in the hot summer months than immersing yourself in the water while burning calories? In the winter, a heated indoor pool can keep you warm no matter how cold it is outside while in summer the fresh water makes you cool it doesn’t matter how hot is outside. Safa Fitness Club (Gym) has a luxury swimming pool where you can try some aquatic exercises and it would be fun.

two boys exercising in the pool at safa fitness club

Why are Aquatic Workouts Beneficial for you?

These are some of the advantages of water workouts, as well as seven pool exercises that may target all of your major muscle groups.

Pool-based activities can provide the same health benefits as other types of workouts: calories burned, muscles strengthened, cardiovascular health enhanced, and mental health more balanced. They do, however, have some distinct advantages, most of which are due to two factors:

1. Water Reduces Bodyweights

Water lessens a load of your body weight, thus movements in the water are less strenuous on your joints and bones, according to studies. This makes pool workouts perfect for building muscles without putting stress on knees, ankles, and other joints that running and other weight-bearing activities can.

Pool workouts are an excellent option for persons who have aches and pains due to injury or chronic disorders that affect the joints since they put less strain on the joints and bones.

2. Water Provide Constant Resistance

That is, when you walk through water, your body is fighting the resistance of the water everywhere around you vertically, horizontally, and rotationally. Regardless of how effective pool workouts are, it the importance of performing them in a manner appropriate to your swimming ability. For example, if you can’t swim for long periods of time, doing your water exercises in a shallow pool or with the help of a float is essential.

Likewise, if you have any chronic illness or health issue that could interfere with your ability to safely exercise (or safely exercise in water), consult your doctor before attempting this type of activity.

7 Fat Burning Pool Exercises

After considering motivation. Let’s discuss what type of exercises you might be motivated to perform and what has an impact on your mental health.

1. Running

Run from one edge of the pool to the other, staying in the shallow end (the shallower the water, the heavier your body weight will feel; the deeper the water, the more drag or resistance you’ll feel working against your movement). To go forward, you’ll need to bend forward from your ankles, pump your arms, and bring your legs into a high-knee posture before stretching them back down.

You can add downward resistance by holding a weighted object at chest level, or you can move forward.

2. Pool-Edge Push-Ups

Put your hands slightly over shoulder-width h apart on the pool’s edge, brace your core, shift your weight into your upper body so that your toes rise from the pool bottom, and raise your torso out of the pool until your arms are completely extended. Pause, then slowly lower your body back to the starting position and repeat.

3. Squat Jumps

Place your feet shoulder-width apart at the shallow end of the pool, with your toes turned slightly out. Squat by leaning back into your hips and heels with flat feet, then straighten your hips, knees, and ankles to drive into the balls of your feet and jump as high into the air as possible. Land on the balls of your feet, then squat back down and repeat. You can crouch low enough to submerge your head in water, depending on your comfort level.

Go quicker to make the exercise more difficult. It will increase resistance and force you to perform more reps in the same period of time.

4. Prone Scissor Kick

Begin in swimming pool that is deep enough that your feet are not touching the ground. Lift your legs to a horizontal position while holding onto the pool’s edge or a flotation device, maintaining your spine neutral from the back of your head to your tailbone. Kick from your hip, snapping or flicking out through your toes while keeping your knee supple. Rep with the other leg. To increase the resistance, move your legs faster and kick harder. You should see white splashes on the water’s surface.

As you kick, keep your body in a straight line from the back of your head to your tailbone. This increases the amount of work required by your glutes.

5. Side Shuffling

Standing in the shallow end of the pool, side shuffle from one edge to the other. Maintain your core engaged and your toes pointing inward.

Hold your hands to the side or wrap a pool-approved small resistance band around your legs to maximize the burn.

6. Press to Row

Starts by standing with a kickboard against your torso and lowering yourself into a squat so that your chest is covered by the water. Brace your core and extend your arms and kickboard forward against the water, then immediately draw them back into your chest. You should be able to feel the back muscles working.

7. Jumping Jacks

Stand in the pool with your feet together, arms down at your sides, and your head above water (in as deep of water as you feel comfortable). Jump your feet back together and spread your legs out to the sides while raising your arms straight overhead. Then, hop your feet back together and lower your arms back to your sides. Just raise your arms to the level of the water if you become distracted by the splashing. The easiest technique to raise the exercise’s intensity in this case is to run faster.

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